An Everst Engineering Meetup in Hyderabad 2019

Our not so humble purpose is to be one of the greatest software product development businesses in the world.

We want to do this by addressing two broad needs.

  1. We want to provide a great place to work. We do this by providing a workplace where you are challenged by interesting work, surrounded by constant learning and supported by everyone you work with.
  2. We want to help our clients make a difference to the world they address. We do this though partnering in identifying and building solutions that work. …

For years I wasn’t quite sure how to engage with women’s rights and gender issues in the workplace. I knew it as a problem, and I knew (mostly) what to do in my own corner of the world, but that wasn’t enough.

I worked on the principle of “Don’t be a jerk, and don’t accept poor behaviour.” It’s surprising how good that can feel to people. Ignoring gender where it wasn’t relevant also played well. I wasn’t perfect, but I got feedback that I was doing okay. …

Use a photo on your online profiles at work. Here is why.

Put your photo on your profiles.

Right now we are more globally dispersed than ever before, and people on opposite sides of the world have had very little interaction or chances to get to know each other. That will change over time, but we’ll also continue to grow and recruit new team members. Managing connected-ness over distance is becoming an increasingly important competence for more and more of our team members.

To increase our ability to collaborate, to work together and be one great team, we need to overcome the impediments that distance puts between us.

Distance presents all sorts…

I opened up a Microservices conference in Hyderabad, India last week. As an opener I thought it would be good to talk about why we come together on a weekend to talk about work, and why we turn up week after week on Monday. Here is my speech.

Everest Engineering Talks, Chapter 1

On behalf of the team at Everest Engineering, welcome and thank you for coming to join us today.

I thought to open this conference I would share some things I believe are core to being a great professional.

Here are four big ideas I want you to think about today as you…

When new tech start-ups seek funding they are asked to present their team. There is an assumption they need a CTO on the team from day one. It may be a mistake to hire a CTO this early. Here is why.

There are three parts to this;

  1. What does a CTO do?
  2. What problems am I trying to solve?
  3. Is now the right time to hire a CTO

What does a CTO do?

A CTO is an executive team member representing the technical community of an organisation. They’ll help advocate for the technical agenda in strategy discussions and help attract great talent. They’ll manage budgets…

Ask for feedback

Maybe you have a performance review coming up? Maybe you want to work as part of a community of practice to improve your game?

Where do you look for tips and advice?

Blogs with discussions on how a role should be played? These will be useful data points but are based upon someone else’s experience. It’s valuable. But only so much as asking an experience person who has never stepped into your office and met you team or customers.

Consultants with frameworks that look across organisations? Useful to see what the industry is doing, and you may get some good…

Hello everyone! Here are some notes on quality I learned years back and thought I would share with you.

In our business there are a few main ideas we have about quality. The first is that quality should be defined by the customers. The second is that to build sustainable products for the long haul, we need to build quality into our practices as well as our products. Agile practices, quality engineering practices, and customer acceptance are all ideas we talk about when talking quality.

All good so far, right? But there is more to quality than this.

When dealing with humans, quality can get hard to know and understand. How often have you come across a customer who…

Craig Brown

Everest Engineering works with amazing people bringing innovative ideas to life. Get in touch.

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